Jewelry with a purpose


Eloise collections embody the refinement of the Italian goldsmith tradition with a contemporary edge. We work with a heartfelt commitment to preserving nature's invaluable resources, transforming them into captivating symbols of beauty.

Our Transparent Essence is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we invest in small goldsmith shops, supporting the artisans who pass on the ancient practices of handmade in Italy to offer you jewelry that lasts over time.

Supporting artisan traditions through handmade jewels from Italy's small goldsmith studios

Shop ethically

Every detail counts, our jewelry and packaging, are designed with the environment in mind. At Eloise we have made it our goal to help our planet.

All our creations are produced in limited quantities minimizing wastes. 

Our Italian gemstone suppliers guarantee the high quality and respectful sourcing on all natural stones. 

The sophisticated purple Eloise cases are entirely handmade in Italy, shipped using 100% biodegradable boxes. 

Our commitment to doing better doesn’t stop there. We believe that jewelry is a connection to the earth and that's why for every purchase you make, we'll plant a tree!

Meaningful jewelry

Bind Eloise pieces to different moments of your life, so that each style you wear is personal and deeply meaningful, becoming a true Memory keeper.
Your jewelry box is just as special as the memories within.