Care Instructions


With proper care, you can preserve the uniqueness of your Eloise pieces for years to come.

All our products are handmade in Italy, with careful attention to the smallest details.

Follow the instructions below so your Eloise pieces last even longer.

  • We advise to remove your jewelry pieces before showering, to avoid remainings of dirt and soap in the products.
  • We advise to keep each piece of jewellery in its dedicated box to avoid scratches from rubbing.
  • Avoid contact of precious stones in salty water, as naturals precious stones may turn opaque. Special attention must be payed to Emeralds and Rubies, which are more delicate compared to Diamonds and Sapphires.
  • Avoid contact with sulphurous thermal water, as 925 Silver products may blacken.
  • Avoid applying perfumes on the product, as alcohol may alter the color of natural precious stones.
  • To clean your jewelry pieces you can use a soft cloth and a liquid solution of slightly warm water and small quantity of gentle liquid soap.
  • Keep your Eloise jewelry inside the case to avoid oxidation. If you notice a little bit of blackening, you can use a specific product for silver cleansing: leave it to soak a few minutes, rinse and then gently dry it. Your jewel will look shiny and new!
  • Avoid corrosive substances such as perfumes, lotions, cleaners, and chlorine, as they could damage the surface of gold and silver and diminish their luster.
  • Remove jewelry before engaging in intense physical activities to avoid scratches and accidental damage.