Handcrafted Passion

Timeless craftsmanship with contemporary style

Honoring the historical art of jewelry making, we use traditional small artisan shops in the city of Florence, guaranteeing the expertise and genuineness of Made in Italy.
The essence of each Eloise piece goes beyond our top quality materials, and is further emphasized by the beauty of handmade jewelry.

Each design is one of a kind, characterized by fusing antique goldsmith techniques with a dynamic and eclectic design approach. The result is a harmonious geometry play that mixes sharp angles, round shapes and the use of complex hand faceted bezels, resulting in exceptional jewelry full of individuality.

Jewelry with a purpose, that is to help preserve Italian craftsmanship alive

How an Eloise piece is born

Perfectly Imperfect states the imprint of the handmade process. We want to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the manual work, where small imperfections are considered points of value and not defects.

From the prototype, to welding and polishing our goldsmiths follow carefully every step of each manufacturing cycle, so that you can own collectable refined statement pieces.


Your next Memory Keeper

Discover our 100% Italian laboratories, where our artisans blend knowledge and passion, to make not just a jewel but your next Memory Keeper.