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Eloise is born from the creative mind of Maria Claudia Miller Bergerie. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, she moved to Europe at the age of 17. From a young age, she had a great passion for the world of fashion, and after studies focused in this field and a decade-long career in fashion luxury for prestigious fashion houses, she decided it was time to create a brand of her own that could express her two souls: Peru with its unmistakable colors and the minimalist spirit of the old continent.

This is how Eloise jewelry is born: contemporary designs inspired by the emotions evoked by nature, with its marvelous forms, as well as memories of travels and fascinating multicultural exchanges that have influenced her life.

After ideas are shaped in the head and heart of Maria Claudia, they are translated into designs, prototypes - with a true engineering behind each piece - and finally, all creations are conceived to be incredibly versatile and unique.

Every single jewel elevates from casual to elegant looks with just one detail.

Eloise reinterprets the art of artisanal jewelry-making with colorful and versatile designs, handcrafted in Italy.

Our Values

Jewelry created to become an intimate and personal keepsake of life's most extraordinary and meaningful moments.

Our reminder to celebrate authentic beauty, appreciate the magic of being genuine, and rediscover the uniqueness of hand-craftsmanship.

Contemporary, versatile and dynamic design that transcends beyond age, and time.

We prioritize artisanal manufacturing processes. Jewelry with the purpose of keeping Italian craftsmanship alive.

This is Eloise


    Contemporary design crafted in small goldsmith workshops in Italy.


    Jewelry offered in both 18k Solid Gold and 925 Sterling Silver with triple 18k gold plating.


    Precious and colorful gemstones, hand-picked and hand-set.


    Jewelry inspired by the emotions evoked by elements of nature, memories of travel, and multicultural encounters.


    Hand-brushed matte gold finish. Our distinctive signature and symbol of elegance.

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Why Eloise

The name Eloise, sweet and elegant, is inspired by Maria Claudia's beloved niece, the daughter of her best friend, with whom she cherishes a special connection.

Eloise is as safe-haven name, an alter-ego, and a constant reminder of core values for her: delicacy, kindness, being transparent, and the importance of staying true to who we are, always appreciating life as it is, Perfectly Imperfect.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Two words that also define our artisanal manufacturing method, highlighting the beauty of manual work, where each goldsmith leaves their mark - a symbol of distinction and uniqueness - and each piece tells a story.

Not just accessories, but true memory keepers and constant reminders to enjoy life as it is: Perfectly Imperfect.

Jewelry as a second skin

Eloise jewelry is like a second skin, a profound expression of ourselves, a true guardian of life's most extraordinary and meaningful moments, and a way to tell your own unique and unrepeatable story: to cherish the past, enjoy the present, and build the future.


Lorelai Collection

Discover Lorelai, energetic and colorful jewels inspired by the cultural clash of Indian ethnic motifs and authentic Florentine jewelry.

Round and drop geometric shapes take on new proportions, accentuated by brilliant and vibrant natural stones set on complex bezels with faceted surfaces.

The enchantment of India stole Maria Claudia's heart, and this collection is a tribute to the richness of extraordinary faraway cultures.

Madi Collection

The creative process behind the jewelry of Madi line begins with an inner journey of rediscovery for Maria Claudia, drawing inspiration from the Moon and the Stars, and our connection with these luminous bodies that give us hope and joy with their shimmering and alluring charm.

Madi blends minimal and delicate motifs, using geometric forms paired with sparkling gemstones. This line has a pure, essential and elegant soul.

Discover all of Madi's designs and choose your favorite piece of jewelry for a touch of timeless sophistication.

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