Fair Price


Top quality jewelry generally have prohibitive prices, specially when featuring natural precious and colored gemstones. The unnecessary markups often benefit the brand and less the people involved in the making process.

At Eloise we have chosen to work directly with medium and small Italian artisanal goldsmiths, cutting out any middlemen.

Extraordinary handmade jewelry at competitive prices

Handcrafted with respect

Working directly with our Italian goldsmiths allows our supply chain management - from sourcing to finishing - to be closely followed and fully traceable. Our fair prices cultivate happier and trustworthy relationships with our artisans and coworkers and give us the possibility to actively support and invest in quality and green initiatives.


Our Fair Pricing Explained

We value your right to know the true markups behind our exceptional jewelry, offered to you without the burden of traditional retail surcharges, and produced in limited quantities.  

Our top quality metals, natural gemstones and handmade artisanal process account for a significant amount of the price you pay. 

We do things differently

Jewelry is meant to make you happy, bring back positive and joyful memories, all at no expense for the planet. Eloise collections are crafted with the Italian goldsmith tradition in mind, embracing and preserving mother nature, and transforming it into symbols of beauty.


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What is the Fair Pricing Policy?

Our ethical pricing means we work directly with expert small and medium Florentine goldsmiths, remove the middlemen and invest in top quality materials, offering you exquisite contemporary jewelry made to last with no unnecessary markups.

Why do you use Silver? 

Silver is a lightweight metal that is highly durable and designed for everyday wear. This alongside our thick gold 3 micron plating - higher than the average in the market - gives the look & feel of solid gold jewelry at a fraction of the price.

Does the jewelry come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 3 year warranty. The invoice will act as your warranty document stating all the information about the product you purchased. For 18k Solid Gold jewelry we offer lifetime warranty. For more information visit the section Extended Warranty.

How can I speak to someone? 

We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, or concerns. Chat with us on our contact us page.